Oliver and I narrowly escaped the fox’s jaws!!

1 Jan

So Oliver, my 25 lb. cockapoo, loves the snow and nobody is out right now so we took a brisk, off leash, walk down 7th Ave in Denver.

He was totally loving the snow, running and burying his face in it. He got distracted by a smell in the bushes in the median, I passed him up but turned round just in time to see a fox twice his size coming at him from about 15 feet away! I started yelling at the fox and then at Oliver to distract him. He never saw the fox! Whew! It took off through the bushes and went the other way. 

It’s great that we live among wildlife..ehem, in the city here, but that could have made for a very terrible night!  Thank God I turned around when I did!  It did make my knees shake!



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