Checking in please… To gate C16

15 Jan

I don’t think I can say I’ve actually slept in an airport before!
It’s surprising me that I cannot recall ever camping out in a boarding area any time in my past; especially all the traveling I’ve done.

Well, they don’t make it easy to catch z’s here either. Between the vacuums, janitors who think it’s funny to whistle as loud as they can as they stroll by innocent sleepers, the random security risk level announcements and the armrests in the middle of the otherwise mildly comfortable seats, it’s less than easy to fall asleep.

There was strategy in selecting C16 of all other inviting gates. It is a center gate without windows nearby, those would be colder. I am also sort of sandwiched between 2 rows of seats that are pushed closer together offering a more cozy feel and also making a bag swipe more difficult. Not that anyone at O’Hare wants to grab my bag at 2am, but I’m just sayin.

Ok so I’m off to try to get a bit of sleep. It’s no recliner, but at least I’m horizontal.



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