I’ve Got The BVI Blues

24 Jan

Well, I just got back to Denver late last night after flying from St. Thomas to San Juan to Washington Dulles then to Denver. Whew, that was exhausting, but so worth the trip!

Now that I’m home, however, I have a bad case of the blues! As in I’m sad to be home in Denver again and as in I miss the blues of the water down in the British Virgin Islands.
It’s a very strange feeling to become so accustomed to something and be sad to return home. I know a lot of people are eager to come back from travels and get back to “the swing of things” but what if travel was the reality? What if that was the swing of things? I was having many of these thoughts while I was down there, that I don’t think I would get tired of living like that. The life of living on a sail boat, island hopping, anchoring in different places, meeting new people, it’s very refreshing and very raw to live like that. The human element becomes elevated.

I only had 10 days this time, and it may seem like a long time, but I felt like we were just getting started! I’d like to say I could do it forever, but who really knows unless I actually did it. I think it’s safer to say that I would love to do it for a year or so and then reassess my feelings after that. People do it all the time and it fascinates me!

I will have a series of stories from the trip following this one to give you a better glimpse into the beauty and magic that I experienced in the amazing BVIs. Sadly, they are all memories at this point, but I am very fortunate to have them locked away with me forever.



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