And so it began…

27 Jan

I was a late addition to the crew of 6. They had been planning this trip of a lifetime for months and I had just 2 days to make it happen. Not exactly the easiest thing to throw together last-minute, but I was very intent on doing so. I’m not sure who would say no to a 10 day sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. I received the invite on Wednesday and departure was Friday. Five of the crew members left early in the morning on American Airlines and I tagged along with the sixth on her route with United.

Dakota Richwood was my traveling companion. After leaving Denver we met up in Chicago O’Hare. She arrived via San Fransisco and I had arrived at 1am from Denver, which meant I slept in the airport for a few hours before greeting her flight. Groggy and sleepy-eyed we shuffled to what seemed like the best breakfast on the concourse. They were barely open at 6am, but we waited patiently for our made-to-order egg sandwiches then posted up at the bar. Yes, the bar opens at 6:30 and we were having cocktails. Make no mistake, we were, at that point, officially on vacation!

After holding my breath a bit while walking up to the gate of our St. Thomas flight, seeing that I was number 1 on the standby list, then the agent handing me my seat assignment, 2A, I could finally let myself be excited!! I made it happen and I was on my way to the BVIs! I was on my way to another adventure, so see something new, to experience another corner of the world, I was blessed again with the gift of travel.

Arriving in St. Thomas in the early afternoon, I stepped off the plane and into the thick air of the tropics, the smell was so sweet and the sun so warm it was delicious. Within minutes we were on the transportation side of the airport catching a cab to the ferry docks. Next destination, Road Town, Tortola; however, we found ourselves on “island time” at this point. Our tickets were for the 4pm ferry and we boarded around 5.

It was a 45 minute soaking wet ride on the Road Town Fast Ferry! Dakota and I chose to sit at the rear of the boat thinking we’d have easy access to the exit once we arrived. This was the case, however, our choice in seating became pretty comical. The engines constantly spit water up the back of the ferry and directly on us. Our faces, our hair, our clothes didn’t have one dry area. Laughing and still dripping, we cleared customs and walked to the hotel to dry off and meet the others.

Finally together, our complete crew of 7 was about to embark on an amazing adventure and we had no idea how great life was about to become!



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