The Passenger Manifest of The Wet Spot

4 Feb

It’s time you met the passengers and crew of the SS Wet Spot!

Our boat was so new that she was still nameless.  We took it upon ourselves to grant her the name, The Wet Spot, appropriately.  She was nice and clean, smelled great,  she was fast and beautiful, but she could have used some cup holders.  This was a very important element for a crew such as ours, I can’t tell you how many beers she dumped over while she was getting wild at sea.  However, there were always plenty more.  Maybe that was her way of sneaking a sip!

1. Captain G – Avid outdoors-man, owns an engineering company by day and is a killer photographer by night (or anytime).  He was the captain of our ship, licensed and all.  Hailing from the east coast, he was raised on the water and grew up sailing.  Thank God too because he maneuvered many tight situations where I found myself holding my breath.  He did an amazing job.  Reserved at times but always on point, we were in good hands with the Captain!

2. Chuck McFlannery – Works in the esteemed industry of oil and gas in Denver.  Chuck is a very crafty guy and was voted MVP on our trip.  Anything that needed to be done or any detail that went overlooked by someone else, Chuck was on it.  We would wake up to him scrubbing the deck or find him chasing dinghies.  He was also our resident DJ with a music library out of this world.

3.  Gold Member – Owns a home automation company in Colorado with his wife DD.  He is a former professional skier.  With an amazing sense of humor, and fashion sense, he kept us entertained.  GM would also relieve the Captain from the helm and helped moor and anchor with Chuck, very important skills.

4.  The Emmy – A 29-year-old entrepreneur in transition.  It’s a gray area these days, but having started my own business in 2008 and taken a buyout from my partner in 2010, and having done other things as well, I have found my passion is travel, writing and translating.  Clearly, I have begun the traveling and writing part, and with a BA in Spanish I am launching into translating soon.  I was a late addition to this roster, but made it by the skin of my teeth…first class of course!

5.  Dakota Richwood – My travel partner and a sweetheart!  She is the owner of a successful website development and SEO company based in Colorado.  Dedicated to her business, Dakota did work while on the trip but it didn’t slow her down from being part of the action.  She and her dog, Lucky, spend split time between Denver and Vail where she puts in her ski days.  Dakota was our resident bartender, quite the necessity!  Pina Coladas were her specialty…as were rum and diets…and vodka sodas….and beers!

6.  Dark & Stormy – She is a highly educated, very technical, strong, bad ass, east coast chick.  D. Stormy had attended a sailing school at Annapolis a few years ago and was very keen on learning all she could while on this trip.  She already knew a ton, but it was great to watch her soak up more knowledge.  Currently she does sales and promotions for Captain G’s photography.   She has placed his prints on display at a well-known hotel in Aspen, CO and had connections for him in the BVIs.  Being the sailor that she is, she also relieved the Captain from the helm at times, and she did it well.

7.  DD – With a laugh to die for she was as charming as could be!  It didn’t matter what she was laughing at, as soon as we heard it it made us laugh too.  DD is Gold Member’s wife and also works with him on the home automation company in Colorado.  She made delicious meals for everyone while on board.  Sometimes she would disappear for a minute and pop up with gourmet sandwiches, an amazing salad or simply fresh-cut fruit.  Delicious!


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