Who doesn’t love a Tasty Noodle?!

6 Feb

I just returned to my warm and cozy basement apartment in Denver.

What a great little weekend trip, out on Friday night and back in by Sunday night!

I’m still dreaming about the fresh hand pulled noodles we enjoyed today in Chinatown. New York is known for the amazing authentic food in it’s international offering, and Chinatown was obviously no exception.

Upon first seeing the noodles advertised as “fresh” and “hand-pulled” I thought, “how can they be really any different than other noodles I’ve had before in a Chinese restaurant?” After taking my first bite, it was very clear! They are the most delicious noodles I’ve ever had…ever. The difference is in the texture and in the general taste. They taste so fresh and they have a tacky texture to them, sort of chewy. We ordered dishes for the table that were shared among everyone. We had 2 pan-fried noodle plates with chicken and shrimp, a soup with shrimp and egg, and dumplings made from pork. Everything was delicious!

After lunch and the parade we walked to SoHo, got some coffee, saw some shops and had to get to Penn Station where we grabbed a beer to kill a little time and I couldn’t leave New York without getting a slice too!

I boarded the NJ Transit train to the Newark airport and was on my way home. My plane took off 17 minutes after the Super bowl started and the game was over by the time I landed. Bummed that I missed the game, but we did get score updates throughout the flight. Go Pack! I guess good things come from Wisconsin 😉

It’s good to be home, good night!



2 Responses to “Who doesn’t love a Tasty Noodle?!”

  1. Katie Bales February 7, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    OK, now I’m hungry, can I get those noodles in Denver?

    • Maren Welch February 7, 2011 at 1:13 pm #

      It was amazing!! Katie – just take a weekend in NYC! We’ll show you a good time.

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