Change: Profoundly…simple…

27 Feb

“Well, Emmy, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do until you do something else.”


I think this quote couldn’t be more spot on.  It sounds profound, yet it’s very simple.  I think it all comes down to choice.  We always have a choice in the matter, no matter what the situation is.  Any situation you find yourself in at any given point in your life can stink sometimes and yet you have the amazing ability to change it.  No one should be perpetually complaining about anything.

Now, you can go about this a couple different ways.  The first thing is to get focused on how you want your ideal situation to look and you can do everything in your power to start heading in that direction, start changing the little things that you can and that will begin to open more doors of opportunity to you.  The other way is to change your outlook on said situation to make it better internally, which in turn affects the external reality.

When we begin to see our situation as an observer would see it, we broaden our perspective and it becomes easier to adjust it more to our liking.

Sometimes we forget that we have this ability because we get so blinded by our emotions that are a result of what’s going on in the world around us.  When this happens it is imperative that we stop and assess which way of change we are going to use, change the situation or change our thinking.

Be cause in the matter of your life!



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