Ziplocs are not a fashionable travel accessory!

6 Jul

You remember when we all had to start traveling under the microscope!!

We used to be able to greet our incoming parties at the gate.  Psht!  That’ll never happen again.  We used to be able to wear our shoes through the X-ray machine and now we can’t even wear our own skin.  They are checking out our bones and implants.  And we used to be able to carry on a full can of hairspray, now we have to cram every part of our daily routines into teeny, 3 oz, crappy bottles that will most likely leak in your 1 quart size Ziploc!

There’s no solution to all the troublesome TSA details these days, but there is a solution to the trashy looking Ziploc dilemma.  I’m sure Ziploc is making a killing!  They could probably drop every client they have besides U.S. Airports and continue to roll in the dough.

No offense, Ziploc, I love you for my lunch and my leftovers, but there’s a time and place.  My mini sized life doesn’t look so hot being whipped out frantically then sitting there in the security line while the guy with the smelly feet in front of me takes 10 minutes to empty his pockets!  Classy travelers need classy accessories.

Introducing checkpoint friendly ~ Flybags!!!  Finally, a classy, compliant, container… container.  These things are reasonably priced and come with 3 refillable bottles so they’re eco-friendly too.

You know what your Ziploc usually looks like, so check this out!

Aside from being way more aesthetically pleasing for you and your security line neighbors, they meet all requirements, are easier to maneuver in and out of your suitcase and don’t forget more durable.

I highly recommend these nifty totes for all your toiletries!  They are getting amazing reviews too.  Check them out online.   


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