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Best Bars of BVI

3 Aug

So I’ve recently been dreaming of the Caribbean and recalling many of my amazing memories.  One of my favorite parts –besides the clear blue waters, white sand beaches, world class yachts, beautiful resorts and amazing weather of course – was the bars I visited!  I didn’t make it to all of them so this post is a bit biased, however, I hope it gives you a glimpse into what island nightlife (and morninglife and noonlife and eveninglife)  is like.

There are five bars I’d like to highlight here.  If you find yourself in BVI, I highly recommend stopping in…

Number 5 on the list: Pusser’s Road Town Pub

Location: Road Town, Tortola, BVI

Pusser's Road Town Pub

This British pub sits on the waterfront overlooking Road Harbor.  The menu offers excellent food which is heavily Caribbean, but don’t worry, they also serve delicious burgers and pizzas.  There are multiple locations throughout the other islands.

How Pusser’s came about is an interesting story of royal descent.  The British Royal Navy would issue a daily rum ration on board their Their Majesties’ Ships.  It was a tradition that lasted for more than 300 years from 1655 until July 31, 1970 when the navy discontinued daily issue of Pusser’s rum.

In 1979 Charles Tobias formed Pusser’s Rum West Indies in the British Virgin Islands in efforts to resurrect the Pusser’s Rum tradition.  After much persuasion, the Admiralty Board of the Royal Navy gave him the blend for the rum and shortly afterwards, Pusser’s Rum was being shipped commercially for the first time.

Number 4 on the list: Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill

Location: Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island, BVI

Deadman's Beach Bar & Grill

This location is perfect for a Monday midday stop.  Located in the gorgeous Deadman’s Bay at Peter Island Resort & Spa this restaurant/bar is a must.  Looking out across the sugar-like sand to the clear water visitors can enjoy a fusion of Caribbean and Continental flavors for lunch and dinner.

If you remember, this was the location of the drifting dinghy…

Number 3 on the list: Foxy’s

Location: Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Foxy - The Brewmaster - Himself

Save this spot for a rowdy night – or day!  At Foxy’s the bar opens at 9:30am before the kitchen at 11:30am!  A large venue that can accommodate up to 1500 people offering cocktails, cuisine and a selection of music for everyone.  Every Friday and Saturday night they fire up the BBQ and serve a bountiful buffet.  Foxy himself is considered Jost Van Dyke’s brew-master who proudly brews his finest batch of Foxy’s own Microbrew beers.

Number 2 on the list:  The Willy T 

Location: The Bight at Norman Island, BVI

The Willy T

The Willy T has an interesting story, the history is quite unexpected actually.

Willy T. is short for William Thornton who was born on the island of Jost Van Dyke, BVI on May 20, 1759.  Thornton was professionally educated as a physician in Scotland but rarely practiced.  He was a self taught architect, painter and inventor.  His biggest claim to fame – other than the floating restaurant/bar that is The Willy T – was the design of the United States capitol building, which was praised by President Washington for its “grandeur, simplicity and convenience.”  He is recognized as the first “Architect of the Capital.”

About the floating restaurant/bar…  It began life as a Baltic trading vessel years ago and the restaurant was only launched in 1989 when the wooden original was moored in the Bight.  It wasn’t until 6 years ago that it was replaced with the 100 ft. steel schooner that we all know today.

Number 1 on the list: Soggy Dollar Bar 

Location: White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Soggy looking out...

Soggy looking in...

Hands down, my favorite.  Soggy Dollar Bar, named for the fact that there was originally no road access to this bar and visitors had to swim from their anchored boat in White Bay to reach this beach bar.  Since then a road has been carved out from Great Harbour to White Bay.  From the water however, a swim (or a dinghy ride) is still the only way in, there are no docks on the beach.  You’ll notice the clothes line where the bartenders have to hang the “soggy dollars” out to dry.

Soggy Dollar Bar is also the birthplace of the Original Painkiller cocktail, a favorite of islanders and visitors alike.  Originated and perfected here in the 1970’s this concoction of premium dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice and topped with Grenadian Nutmeg makes the swim worth the effort!!

Wanna get away right now and go to Soggy Dollar Bar??  CLICK HERE to visit their webcam!!

There are many more Caribbean bars on my to-do list so check back often for the sequel.

Pain Killer anyone?



Sandy Beer, Sandy Booty, Sandy Spit…. It’s a Beautiful Life!

17 Jun

Life is rough when your biggest problem of the day is getting the sand off your beer can before you pop it!

We had scooped up a mooring at the popular, yet tiny, hot spot in the BVIs called Sandy Spit.   It was the middle of the day and it was perfectly hot.  We snorkeled onto the beach with the mesh bag full of beers in tow.  This was a favorite spot for me and clearly for the pack of kite surfers there.  We circumnavigated the island by foot in about 7 minutes!  A perfect little beach to spend an hour or two in the waves, paddle boarding, sunning or sittin with a sandy booty holding a sandy beer!

This is definitely one of the most memorable places I’ve been.  Talk about tiny island paradise!

Sandy Spit is an uninhabited islet of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, sitting midway between Sandy Cay and Green Cay.  It measures less than a half an acre in size, and consists entirely of a ring of sandy beach surrounding light foliage.  It has the appearance of a classic paradise “desert island” and has been photographed for use in print medium in a number of advertising campaigns.    – Wikipedia

The Passenger Manifest of The Wet Spot

4 Feb

It’s time you met the passengers and crew of the SS Wet Spot!

Our boat was so new that she was still nameless.  We took it upon ourselves to grant her the name, The Wet Spot, appropriately.  She was nice and clean, smelled great,  she was fast and beautiful, but she could have used some cup holders.  This was a very important element for a crew such as ours, I can’t tell you how many beers she dumped over while she was getting wild at sea.  However, there were always plenty more.  Maybe that was her way of sneaking a sip!

1. Captain G – Avid outdoors-man, owns an engineering company by day and is a killer photographer by night (or anytime).  He was the captain of our ship, licensed and all.  Hailing from the east coast, he was raised on the water and grew up sailing.  Thank God too because he maneuvered many tight situations where I found myself holding my breath.  He did an amazing job.  Reserved at times but always on point, we were in good hands with the Captain!

2. Chuck McFlannery – Works in the esteemed industry of oil and gas in Denver.  Chuck is a very crafty guy and was voted MVP on our trip.  Anything that needed to be done or any detail that went overlooked by someone else, Chuck was on it.  We would wake up to him scrubbing the deck or find him chasing dinghies.  He was also our resident DJ with a music library out of this world.

3.  Gold Member – Owns a home automation company in Colorado with his wife DD.  He is a former professional skier.  With an amazing sense of humor, and fashion sense, he kept us entertained.  GM would also relieve the Captain from the helm and helped moor and anchor with Chuck, very important skills.

4.  The Emmy – A 29-year-old entrepreneur in transition.  It’s a gray area these days, but having started my own business in 2008 and taken a buyout from my partner in 2010, and having done other things as well, I have found my passion is travel, writing and translating.  Clearly, I have begun the traveling and writing part, and with a BA in Spanish I am launching into translating soon.  I was a late addition to this roster, but made it by the skin of my teeth…first class of course!

5.  Dakota Richwood – My travel partner and a sweetheart!  She is the owner of a successful website development and SEO company based in Colorado.  Dedicated to her business, Dakota did work while on the trip but it didn’t slow her down from being part of the action.  She and her dog, Lucky, spend split time between Denver and Vail where she puts in her ski days.  Dakota was our resident bartender, quite the necessity!  Pina Coladas were her specialty…as were rum and diets…and vodka sodas….and beers!

6.  Dark & Stormy – She is a highly educated, very technical, strong, bad ass, east coast chick.  D. Stormy had attended a sailing school at Annapolis a few years ago and was very keen on learning all she could while on this trip.  She already knew a ton, but it was great to watch her soak up more knowledge.  Currently she does sales and promotions for Captain G’s photography.   She has placed his prints on display at a well-known hotel in Aspen, CO and had connections for him in the BVIs.  Being the sailor that she is, she also relieved the Captain from the helm at times, and she did it well.

7.  DD – With a laugh to die for she was as charming as could be!  It didn’t matter what she was laughing at, as soon as we heard it it made us laugh too.  DD is Gold Member’s wife and also works with him on the home automation company in Colorado.  She made delicious meals for everyone while on board.  Sometimes she would disappear for a minute and pop up with gourmet sandwiches, an amazing salad or simply fresh-cut fruit.  Delicious!