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Need a better travel wardrobe? Drop the plaid pj’s and pillows ASAP!

8 Jul

What are you wearing?

Since when did air travel become such a relaxed thing? The amount of pajamas, sweats, UGG boots, slippers, bed-head and pillows that I’m seeing in this airport is unacceptable! I don’t care what you’re doing, there is no time when it’s appropriate to wear these things in public.

Ok, I take that back, if your house is on fire that’s a different story! Notice there is an Emergency in this scenario!?

However, when traveling, are normal clothes so uncomfortable that you just cannot stand to wear jeans and a sweater for two hours while you sit in one place in your airplane seat? It’s ridiculous.


What happened to the times when travel by air was something special? Folks would put on their Sunday best to board a plane. These days, it has become the norm to see a flock of teenagers in flannel plaid pj bottoms or a grown woman toting a soggy pillow on top of her wheely bag. GET DRESSED! Act like the adult that you are, brush your damn hair, and leave your pillow where it belongs – at home in your bed! Johnny Depp is the only adult I know of who can get away with plaid in public. The majority of us travelers look presentable for you, please return the favor. It’s really not asking too much! You’re not going to a slumber party, you’re going on an airplane.

It’s important to be comfortable

Now, I completely understand the need to be in comfortable, flexible clothing so don’t get me wrong! This is especially important for long trans-oceanic flights. But there is a very easy way to dress comfortably and appropriately at the same time! Are you ready for this?

YOGA PANTS!!! It’s incredible how comfy they are and they look presentable too. Even if you’ve never done a Chaturanga in your life they will still be a great addition to your travel wardrobe! There are some basic rules around the fashionable yoga pant:

1. They must fit properly, no one needs to know what your panties look like.

2. Pair them with a nicely fitting top or tank with a button up sweater (that’s tastefully long enough) – airplane air can get cold!

3. Footwear should be complimenting, cute flats are everywhere these days – and so comfortable too!

Totally cute and comfy!

There are many retail stores that offer cute yoga pants and flattering tops. Yoga pants will suit any body type too as long as you choose the correct top and accessories. Trust me, you will feel much better about yourself when you are looking sharp. Who knows, you could meet your future spouse while sitting in the boarding area!

I hope this helps next time you are faced with the question of what to wear on the airplane. You should feel fashionable and comfortable. As for your hair, you’re on your own with that one, but honestly, it will look better with your new yoga pants on anyway.


Gaiam has a terrific selection of casual yoga inspired clothing!

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Ziplocs are not a fashionable travel accessory!

6 Jul

You remember when we all had to start traveling under the microscope!!

We used to be able to greet our incoming parties at the gate.  Psht!  That’ll never happen again.  We used to be able to wear our shoes through the X-ray machine and now we can’t even wear our own skin.  They are checking out our bones and implants.  And we used to be able to carry on a full can of hairspray, now we have to cram every part of our daily routines into teeny, 3 oz, crappy bottles that will most likely leak in your 1 quart size Ziploc!

There’s no solution to all the troublesome TSA details these days, but there is a solution to the trashy looking Ziploc dilemma.  I’m sure Ziploc is making a killing!  They could probably drop every client they have besides U.S. Airports and continue to roll in the dough.

No offense, Ziploc, I love you for my lunch and my leftovers, but there’s a time and place.  My mini sized life doesn’t look so hot being whipped out frantically then sitting there in the security line while the guy with the smelly feet in front of me takes 10 minutes to empty his pockets!  Classy travelers need classy accessories.

Introducing checkpoint friendly ~ Flybags!!!  Finally, a classy, compliant, container… container.  These things are reasonably priced and come with 3 refillable bottles so they’re eco-friendly too.

You know what your Ziploc usually looks like, so check this out!

Aside from being way more aesthetically pleasing for you and your security line neighbors, they meet all requirements, are easier to maneuver in and out of your suitcase and don’t forget more durable.

I highly recommend these nifty totes for all your toiletries!  They are getting amazing reviews too.  Check them out online.