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Waking up to the Rain

17 Nov

I think there is something so beautiful and peaceful about waking up to the rain.

As I awoke this morning to warm rain on the balcony here in Florida, I was reminded of all the other places in the world where I experienced something similar.

I have been in Florida for a few weeks now staying with a friend while I move through a transition in my life.  Being a Wisconsin native and having spent the last 15 years in Colorado, 80 degrees in November is a nice treat!  I am staying on the 20th floor of a high rise with a beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean in one direction and the causeway in the other.  The views are spectacular!

Rain with a View

This morning I was awoken to the sound of the warm rain on the balcony.  The sun was still shining over the ocean as it poured for about 20 minutes.  It is very warm and humid here, I love it.  The sky was multiple shades of grey as the mini storm passed over.  What a treat to wake up that way.  Then I started thinking about the other times in my life that the gift of rain stirred my slumber.

The most recent experience really isn’t so recent anymore.  In January on my sailing experience in BVI there was one night that we left the hatch in the birth open for some fresh air.

Rock to sleep and wake with the rain

Being rocked to sleep in a sailboat listening to the halyard clink against the mast is an amazing experience.  Shortly after falling asleep we arose to gentle raindrops on our faces.  In the middle of the night like that when it is so quiet out there is something special about rain.  It’s as though nature is giving a gentle reminder of the simple beauties of life.

Another memory that came to mind, which was not so gentle on the approach, was a time in Costa Rica.  My family owned a coffee and trout farm in the mountains of Costa Rica in a small town called Cachi.  There is a main house and a guest house on the property, both of which are topped with tin roofs.

Family farm in Costa Rica

During the rainy season in Costa Rica, May through November, it rains religiously around 2 o’clock in the afternoon in the lowlands for about 2 hours and then the sun comes out again.  In the mountains the rain is a bit more constant.

Well, it was rainy season in the mountains and the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof is enough to wake you straight up and keep you up.  This kind of rain is loud and can be angry.  Once up, however, it can be fascinating to listen to the different sounds of the rain getting heavier or lighter and when it lets up finally there is the sound of the drops falling off the trees.  Again, this lends the feeling of experiencing something special and unique in nature.  Especially on the farm when you know no one is around for miles.

Rain is a treat.  What is your memory of waking up with the rain??





Guat do you mean I don’t have a ticket? Stuck in Guatemala City (Part 2)

4 Oct

Sorry to leave you hanging so long in Guatemala City!

Where were we? Oh ya, explosions in the street had stopped and I was able to get some sleep! Whew!

After a nice hot shower early in the morning before check out my first challenge of the day was the checkout! The night desk person who had agreed to allow me to put the cab fare on the room the night before and allowed me to pay with only a credit card number and not the actual card itself was unfortunately not the same person in the morning and didn’t leave a memo either. The disgruntled morning guy had his panties all in a bunch because he didn’t know what was going on and he definitely did not like the cc# only idea.

I wasn’t too worried about this part because I knew they would get paid. Duh. And besides…what was he going to do? I already spent the night and ate the food.

After some more complaining he finally called the shuttle around to deliver me back to the airport. Why we didn’t just use the shuttle to bring me to the hotel in the first place? – No clue.

Ok, first challenge mastered.

Next challenge: Get my Mexicana airline ticket that my mom purchased – confirmed seat – the night before. Naturally I would pick up my airline ticket at the airport ticket counter, right? Wrong. I went right to the ticket counter, gave her my confirmation number and do you remember the scene in the movie where the agent is typing for-ever seemingly searching for the info?? Ya, that was my agent and when she finally came up for air she said, “No, ju nee to go to city office”.

That’s when the waterworks started for me. I had made it about 18 hours dealing with problem after problem and I finally have a seat on a plane home and she is telling me that I can’t get it at the airport, I have to go back into the city to the office there to get my stupid ticket!!!!??? This is ridiculous!!!

I went over to the United Airlines counter and between sobs managed to get out what my situation was. There were two younger gentlemen working at the counter who were very nice. The first one I met was taller. He was trying to calm me down and asked me if I knew the city well and said that I could take his car to the Mexicana office. What a great gesture, but I didn’t know the city well enough. He looked down and typed what seemed like a few words on his keyboard and then I heard his printer start printing! He handed my Mexicana ticket! Thank God.

I remember sitting in their back office for a little while. By then they knew my whole story of getting stuck, traveling on employee passes, my wallet getting stolen, and Western Union being out of service. At this point too, I was rationing a small package of coconut cookies I had from Costa Rica. The second agent, the shorter one, noticed that I wasn’t eating anything and he walked me down to the sandwich kiosk and told me to order anything I wanted, then told the worker to put it on his tab. This was amazing!! I was so hungry. I got an avocado and cheese panini and I can still remember every detail about it to this day. I was sitting with my backpack near my feet, reading and I had only eaten half of the sandwich. I carefully wrapped the other half in a napkin and set it on top of my pack. I wasn’t sure when I was going to eat again so I wanted to save it. The United agent noticed what I was doing and firmly said, “No, you eat that one and order another one!!”. I wasn’t going to argue with that so I graciously ordered another.

The terminal I knew too well after 24 hours...

5pm finally came around and it was time to board my flight to Los Angeles. I headed toward the gates and then ran into a mini situation: airport tax. Mostly all foreign airports make you pay an exit tariff, however with my current, money-less situation this was a problem. Yes, I played the “dumb girl” card – I had to. Playing a little dumb paid off, the tariff taker guy assumed that I had arrived so late last night that it was actually the same day and I told him I was in transit. It worked!

I was finally off to L.A.

The journey wasn’t quite over though. My flight got into L.A. too late to make a connection so we had to do another hotel near the airport and then I was heading to Denver the next morning. This went swimmingly well. One little thing was that there was an amazing looking basket of fruit and snacks sitting on the table in the room and I wanted so badly to eat it, but I knew how much money my mom had spent on tickets, hotels and collect phone calls that I didn’t want to add any more costs to the bill.

I found out after not touching the basket and getting home that it was actually paid for and I was supposed to eat it. Bummer.

Home at last.

If you want to see the world, travel. If you want to know the world, travel alone.

7 Jan

Sure, anyone can go on a vacation with family or friends and see many new things.   They can see the shops, the cars, the restaurants, eat the food, see the people, see the vegetation, take the tour.  This is actually how I would say most people go about traveling, vacationing and touring.

If you’re looking for more depth and meaning to your travels, if you actually want to “know” the world in which you are traveling, then you must go it alone.  This sounds scary and uncomfortable, but think about it.  If you take your whole family, whole group of friends, or even just a couple of them you are taking your “comfort zone” with you on vacation.  Yes, you are seeing new things, but you are not really becoming part of the new culture in which you are immersed.

When you are alone, walking down the streets of Bangkok, or eating in a restaurant by yourself in Madrid, or riding the bus solo in Costa Rica your senses become heightened; you become more aware of what’s going on around you.  You don’t have that friend, or sister to sit with and busy yourself with conversations that take your mind elsewhere.  You are essentially forced to be aware of your surroundings and notice the small things that you would otherwise not.

This is my favorite part of traveling.  I have done a lot of traveling alone and it always stretches my mind to think about the culture, the people and imagine what life is like for them, put myself in their shoes.  It changes your perspective immensely, just being aware.  I have been fortunate to catch those details when otherwise I would have missed them if I were with someone distracting from the complete experience.  I have also met many wonderful people through traveling alone.  You’re more approachable when you’re by yourself, however, you can also be more vulnerable too which is why your senses need to be on point.

Maybe you don’t do the whole trip by yourself, but if you are with friends or a large family group just take an hour to yourself and get a coffee, go on a walk or visit a museum and just observe.  You’ll be amazed at what you see when your eyes are actually looking.

So, go meet the world, travel alone!