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Xin nian kuai le!!!

5 Feb

I’m standing here at Confucius square in NYC waiting for the parade to come through.
This is the most important day in the Chinese year because it represents rebirth and continuing the wealth and prosperity of the previous year.

This new year is the year of the Rabbit!!

Xin nian kuai le!!!



Chili for a chilly day in the Dirty Jers

5 Feb

I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee freshly made from Maren’s French press as I look at the gloomy day that Jersey City is offering me.

I got in late last night and it is chilly here! After the 20 inches of snow they received this week and the ice storm that followed, the streets are filled with buried cars and the snow looks like it’s covered with the glaze of a doughnut. There is controversy about the city’s snow removal program, or lack there of, as pedestrians must channel through the tunnels carved out of the snow by previous walkers.

(I just switched to tea, my coffee got cold)

Maren and I just finished adding all the ingredients to our batch of “The Best Vegetarian Chili in the World” which will be served at her gathering tonight before we head to Radio City Music Hall for the Robyn concert.

We are trying to keep warm in her drafty apartment, the chili and photos from her Coastal Living magazine are good remedies. Maren lives with her roommate, Kevin, and her pet snail, Housing Unit.

Housing Unit was a stow away on an incoming house plant last September. He now resides in a glass ramekin and munches on kale and carrots, but he mostly hibernates. He’s pretty stinkin cute!

I gotta run so I can get ready before people start arriving for our fiesta of chili, nachos and margaritas made with fresh limes!

I hear the sun will come out tomorrow… good thing too because we are going into Manhattan for the Chinese New Year parade and dim-sum in Chinatown!!