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Monday Morning Sick at Sea, Sandwich for 1 Please, and “Deliverance”

3 Feb

On Monday morning before sunrise we left the hospitable Bight of Norman and headed out to meet Peter.  The morning started out well, the usual mild hangover symptoms, but nothing I haven’t felt before, right?  Nope.  It was dark when Captain G awoke and started to motor us across the sea.  I was eager to see the sunrise so I was up shortly after he.  The whole crew managed to make it to the cockpit for the sunrise on the trip to Peter Island.  It was a beautiful sunrise and we got to see it twice.  It rose over Round Rock Island and as we passed the island the sun disappeared and then rose again, ha, two sunrises in one day!

At this point on the ride over to Peter Island I was still doing OK, but shortly after sunrise I started to feel a little funny.  I couldn’t tell if I was hungry, if I needed to visit the head, or puke.  This is a very strange feeling, not being able to tell what my body is about to do.  I quickly swallowed 2 Dramamine tablets that Dakota Richwood had in her belongings.  It didn’t seem to help enough though.  When we got to the Peter Island anchorage I was almost green.  D. Stormy promptly yelled, “We got our first puker!” as I was sitting and dangling my legs off the stern while the guys dropped anchor.  They told me that if I got in the water I would feel better because it would be just my body floating in the water and not the motion of the boat too.  As I was, ever so slowly, working on getting my flippers on and fighting back the urges to vomit, Gold Member came dashing out from behind me and jumped in the dinghy saying, “I gotta get to land!”  Without missing a beat my flippers were off and I was in that dinghy.  I was so thankful that I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t feeling so hot!

It was a beautiful beach and completely empty of any tourists.  There were a few beach chairs and a mini table.  Attendees of the dinghy were GM, Captain G, and me.  Dakota had to do some work on her computer so she stayed in the boat while D. Stormy, Chuck, and DD snorkeled to shore.  As soon as I reached land I laid on one of the beach chairs and just tried to close my eyes and breathe, it was that bad.  But at this point the Dramamine was fully in my system and I began to see the Dramamine faces!  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but since being back and talking to a few other people apparently this is a common side effect, kinda creepy.  If I opened my eyes it was fine.  I started feeling a lot better.

We spent a while on the beach, in the water, the Captain took some photos and then happened to glance at the boat…it seemed like it was drifting…out to sea…with Dakota unknowingly sitting below in the cabin.

“Gold Member, how many feet of line did you lower?”  “I dunno, 75 feet like you said.”

We continued to take some silly photos, swim and have conversations about how stupid the ending of the Lost Series was.  Then Captain looked again at the boat and at this point it was clear that it was moving farther out to sea.  The guys took the dinghy out to rescue the boat and Dakota who was still none the wiser about her movement.  After pulling the anchor up to reposition the boat, they could see that there was only about 30 feet of line that had been lowered!  An honest mistake, but one worth a few jokes.

The guys came back to shore and Dakota snorkeled over.  We all went to Peter Island Beach Club (visit this link, you’ll thank me later) for lunch and a beer, but GM decided to stay back on the beach.  As we are sitting there enjoying our turkey club sandwiches (Dakota’s favorite) and a refreshing ice-cold Carib Lager, DD looks out to the water and notices a dinghy astray.  We look back at the beach and notice that GM is not there anymore, then we look at the back of our boat and it’s missing a dinghy.  We all start laughing, but “Save-the-day-Clay” (e-hem, I mean Chuck McFlannery) was already advancing toward the water to swim out and get it.  It wasn’t close by the way.  He became a spectacle to all the guests at the Beach Club and to the locals working there, they thought he was crazy.

About half way there Chuck got picked up by the trash boat, “Deliverance.”  Bet you thought there was gonna be some kind of twisted story for that reference huh?  Deliverance escorted him to the dinghy which he then drove to the boat just as Gold Member was coming up from the kitchen after making himself a sandwich!  He was very confused as to how Chuck got in the dinghy.  It became the joke on shore that this was the second boat GM lost that day!

After all that excitement we all went back to the boat and set sail to Cooper Island for a relaxing dinner at the Cooper Island Beach Club restaurant overlooking the bay.  We all had a delicious dinner while watching the sun set on the water.  It was a nice calm end to a pretty exciting day.



Norman Island…Gettin Wild at Willy T’s!

30 Jan

We had picked up the Beneteau 50.5 ft sail boat from The Moorings on Sunday and by early afternoon we were on our way over to Norman Island, the home of Willy T’s.

On the way there we stopped at “The Indians” to snorkel a bit at the reef.  Not much else to do there but grab a mooring and snorkel, great spot!

Once at Norman, we got our mooring, got settled, had some drinks and started thinking about the night at Willy T’s.  I took a dinghy ride with Captain G around the harbor, called the “Bight”,and we stopped at some shops on shore.  Walking back to the dingy, I was looking backwards at the moon and walked straight off the side of the dock!  I skinned my knee and felt like an idiot, it was pretty hysterical though.  We laughed all the way back to the boat!

The sun had set and we could hear the ruckus at the floating bar just waiting for us.  We all put on our Sunday (bar) best and dingy’d over.  One of our crew, we’ll call him Gold Member (GM, to protect his identity), was donning tight, gold, mini briefs, a beach hat, sunglasses, an arm light and a whistle.  Before we even reached the bar people were already hollering for him.  GM was definitely the star of the show that night.  He kept close to his wife, “DD”, at all times to make sure that certain assumptions were promptly squashed.  He also managed to make a few bucks tucked into his gold skivies!

GM wasn’t the only one having fun!  The ladies of our crew had a bit of their own fun as well.  “DD” jumped off the back of the Willy T, “Sailor Suz” and “SEO” ended up behind the bar making shots, doing shots, and getting tatooed (you’ll have to google that one), and the rest of us just kept dancing!

Little did we know that at some point in the night another crew member, we’ll call him “Chuck McFlannery” (I’ll explain the naming in later posts), had disappeared on the dinghy to change his outfit to something more interesting too.  Once on the boat, we found out later, he didn’t tie the dinghy off tight enough and it drifted away on him.  Coming back up from the cabin he noticed it wasn’t there and stripped down to chase the escaping floater.  He dried off and came back to the party in full redneck garb.  Classic!!

All in all a great night.  I didn’t quite remember the dinghy ride back to the boat until I saw photographic evidence of said activity.  Once back at the boat everyone ended up jumping in the water … in the buff.

What a great start to our vacation!