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Life just keeps getting better!!!

24 Feb

Greetings from South Florida,

I wanted to take a minute to just explain that I haven’t been writing much lately, you’ve probably noticed!  I have moved from Denver to Miami.  Timing was perfect because the temperatures were dropping in Denver and I was committed to being somewhere warm for the winter.  I couldn’t bear another cold, windy, snowy season; that was very clear.  Remember how I’ve been Chasing Summer?  But I didn’t exactly plan to end up in Miami.  It was sort of accidental that I ended up here; although, I don’t believe in accidents of that sort.

I was headed to Grand Cayman actually.  A friend of mine had gotten a job there and extended an invite for me to come along.  He knew how desperately I wanted to get back to the Caribbean ever since my trip there in January 2011.  This was perfect, what a great opportunity!

I started doing everything I could to get ready to go.  It would have been simpler if I didn’t have my 6 year old Cockapoo, but that was a commitment I made a long time ago.  I love that dog and would do anything to have him with me.  So I started the process of getting him vaccinated…. it’s  a process, believe me.  There is a lot of waiting and forms and emails and phone calls involved.  While stuck in part the waiting period, a friend of mine in Hallandale, FL offered for me to stay with her.  She had just moved from Denver and wanted some company.

My Oliver

Ok, long story short, I got notice from the Grand Cayman government that Oliver would be ready to enter the country sometime around the middle of January – it was November at this point.  My friend on Grand Cayman had met some roommates and found a screaming deal in a condo on Seven Mile Beach.  They had to take the deal, but there were 2 problems for me: 1. The place didn’t allow dogs and 2. There wasn’t a bedroom for me!

Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman island

At the time I was, honestly, pissed!  All of the plans I made and all of the work I did getting ready and all of the money I spent on Oliver now seemed pointless!  I had to move out of my friend’s home at the end of the month because she was having guests.  I was determined to not go back to Denver.

I knew I had done all of this for some reason.  I decided to get a place and stay in Miami.  Not really sure of what was next I started brainstorming on an idea I’d had for about a year.  I started working on this project, this dream that I conjured up so long ago, but wasn’t really sure where to start.  Things started happening!

I am happy to announce that I am in the throes of beginning a company and creating my dream life!  It is so amazing how when you put something out there that you are so passionate about, the Universe bends and moves to help you make it happen.  I am a full believer in that and I know that is the reason I ended up in Miami.  I have dolphins swimming in my “front yard” in the canal, an amazing view from my “office” and I have the beach in my back yard!  Things just keep getting better!!

I will be posting more on my progress with the company.  I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but let’s just say that it involves warm weather, islands, sand, water, sun, and dreams!

Ahh!  I am so excited about what’s next!  Stay tuned, I’ll write in when I get some free time and keep you up to date!

A very excited Em!


Friday Quote of the Day…

23 Dec

A tourist remains an outsider throughout his visit; but a sailor is part of the local scene from the moment he arrives.

– Anne Davison

A built in community just by sailing to your destination as a sailor vs. arriving by air as a tourist.  Love it!


Friday Quote of the Day

14 Oct

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.”

Dagobert D. Runes

Can you think of a time that you may have done this?

I have noticed if I make believe that I am somewhere else when at a store or restaurant in my own home town I can simulate the feeling of being somewhere else.  See if you can do this too!  Next time you are out pretend you are in a different country and you’ll be amazed at what you notice that you may not have before.

Happy travels,