I am a Writer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Conversationalist, Beach Enthusiast, and Lover of Life!!

Writing has always been my way of recording and remembering, documenting and processing my travel and my life experiences so that I could reflect on them later and share them with friends, family and sometimes even strangers. My journal has been my refuge, my friend when I didn’t have one, my proof when I needed some, and my memories forever!

I started journaling at the age of 16, on my first trip to Spain, which was also my first solo international trip. That was a long flight to sit by myself so I brought along a journal. I wasn’t sure what was going to end up in there or what, if any, my writing style would be. It was just a way to give a voice to the thoughts in my head and my observations along the way.  As it would turn out, it was the beginning of something I would continue to do for the rest of my life!

Thanks for coming along on my adventures!





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