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Bali’s hidden treasures…

15 Jun

Lei Lei Island Views

My mom recently took a trip to Bali.  Her sister lives there, and has for about 35 years now.  My mom met up with her sister, Atta, and some of Atta’s island friends.  Their journey: to snorkel and boat around the LeiLei islands in the Guraici Archipelago.  She returned with amazing photos and even better stories of this scarcely inhabited island.

My mom (right) and her sister, Atta

One of the travelers in their 7 member posse published a guest post on another travel blog called “We Said Go Travel“.  I am linking his post here to share this fun story of a place travelers seldom visit.

Click Discovering Lei Lei to read the whole story!

By Dov Frazer, founder of Hammock Bliss



Quote of the Day!

27 Jul

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”


This quote can be applied in many different cases throughout life. Within the realm of traveling, however, it really rings true.

There are many stories that we hear about other people traveling, their adventures or misfortunes, but we can easily forget these stories as they are not our own.

We can even look or read about these similar journeys in books magazines, see the pictures, read the words. When we have the visual aspect of photos we can remember the feeling or emotion that we received from seeing it.

But when we actually “do” travel in our own way and have our own experiences and capture our own photographs, that is truly when we can fully understand what it is to travel. The beauty of it is, my favorite part, no one can take that away from you ever!

Let’s go “do” some traveling!!


Write while away, you’ll thank yourself later!

29 Jun

Writing has always been my way of recording and remembering my traveling experiences so that I could share them later with friends, family and sometimes even strangers.

My journal has been my friend when I didn’t have one, my proof when I needed some, and my memories forever!

I would recommend everyone to travel with a journal.  When you are in the midst of experiencing your trip of a lifetime sometimes it can be burdensome to remember to pick up your pen and jot down what happened.  All I can tell you is that you will thank yourself later when you can’t recall the name of the town in the south of France you wizzed through on your tandem bicycle, or what the food was that you ate with the potato thingy in India, or who the guy was on the train in Amsterdam with the concept for a working hovercraft; he was probably on drugs.

The point is that once we return from our travels it is so easy for us to forget the little details.  Without a journal, the tidbits simply slip through the cracks of your stories told over and over to your friends.

I have revisited my journal entries countless times and I am amazed at what I had no memory of until reading my handwriting on the pages.  It truly is like reliving that experience all over again because the you that wrote those words is the you that was there!


PS:  The best journals are the unlined, spiral bound ones!!  Sometimes you have to look harder for these, but trust me, it’s worth it!